Welcome to my website. My artist name is Andreea Boyer. I am 26 years young and Mabig Movies is my company, based in Bavaria, Germany. I am an award-winning filmmaker and writer with international experience, as well as the founder and film festival director of Mabig Film Festival. The main focus with my Mabig Movies is screenwriting,  film-production, editing, design,  film festival events, castings, and media. All that is needed to transform the vision into a unique project. I have been passionately working for my creative goals since the age of 13. I decided early on that the film world is a great adventurous path to go, to learn and to share all my knowledge through my professional work in films with all other filmmakers. Andreea

Julia 17
Poster for Andreea’s film Julia 17

Andreea’s short message to everyone

Julia 17 official trailer. Full movie now available on TUBI, AMAZON PRIME UK, and RIGHT HERE.