Interview with Actress Anita Giovannini

Interview with Actress Anita Giovannini

Interview by Andreea Boyer // Edited by Chris Charles of Idol Features

Anita Giovannini

Anita Giovannini’s a multi-talented performance artist, whose one-woman stage show, Anita Luna THE DIVA, is a showcase for those talents. She incorporates song, dance, comedy, drama, and static trapeze into each of her performances. Besides her title character, Anita Luna, “the world’s greatest diva,” she also introduces her audience to several of her other dynamic alter egos throughout the show. As a singer-songwriter and recording artist, Anita recently completed her first EP, Sleep My Mind, which is soon to be released.

Anita GiovanniniAndreea Boyer: How did you start your career as an actress?

Anita Giovannini: It happened in university, where by chance, I was selected for a popular national TV program. At that stage in my life, I was very confused about what I really wanted to do. That TV program, which took me to Rome, really opened my eyes and my heart to acting.

Andreea Boyer: What inspired you?

Anita Giovannini: When I was on stage being recorded in front of a live audience for that first time, I immediately understood that acting was what I was looking for; emotions, feelings, adrenaline, challenge, risk. On stage, I felt at home for the very first time. From that moment, I’ve committed myself totally to the development of this art, studying and performing as much as possible, and I will never stop. That first role, a woman in love with a gay man, was a taste of the roles that fit me; “tragiccomedy.” I like to take on roles to play women who are real. They have contradictions, beautiful imperfections, they take risks and make mistakes, but they are real. This human aspect is important to me.

Andreea Boyer: Do you agree that what Amazon Prime is doing now, getting many independent films out of their programs, is causing many young filmmakers to lose their motivation to make films?

Anita GiovanniniAnita Giovannini: The film industry, both for actors and filmmakers, has always been a tough world to face. Talent and money doesn’t always go hand in hand. I think that if you have motivation to make films or in anything else in life, if you feel you sincerely have something from your heart to give to the world, and your motivation is profoundly deep, I think that you wouldn’t give up even if the journey was longer or tougher. You have to have a vision and be very focused on each step of your artistic project. You have to respect yourself and work hard on self-improvement and use your intuition. When facing a wall too high to climb over, if you can look at this wall with your heart and intuition, you will see an invisible door.

Andreea Boyer: What are your recent projects?

Anita Giovannini: As an actress, I’m focused on my one-woman show; Anita Luna THE DIVA. There is also another interesting project with three female singers. I will play five or six different characters including an aerial silks acrobat. I really love this as I’m a real chameleon! I’ve just finished writing a new screenplay for a short film. This is going to be my first project where I am both an actress and the director, so I’m quite excited about this! As a singer, I’m focused on my first album which I’ve just finished recording; Sleep my Mind. It’s about to be released!

Anita GiovanniniAndreea Boyer: What are the most unforgettable moments from your career?

Anita Giovannini: Ummmm, there have been many. I’m lucky to have had so many different experiences on stage. I really love comedy. When I play exhilarating, ridiculous roles, they really amaze me. Women have a huge sense of humor, but they are too often afraid of being ridiculed. We shouldn’t be. But for sure, each time I perform in the air, it’s quite magical and unforgettable. I can feel the audience holding their breath. It’s exciting for them and for me!

Andreea Boyer: For how long have you been a stage (theater) actress?

Anita Giovannini: I started when I was 20. This year, I will celebrate my first 40 years as a woman and my first 20 years of performing. This July, my birthday month, I will be celebrating “Anitiadi,” a month-long party to celebrate my life and career!!

Andreea Boyer: What roles on stage have you played ?

Anita GiovanniniAnita Giovannini: I have played many classic and contemporary roles, both male and female characters. To name a few for example, Lady Macbeth, Othello, Richard III from Shakespeare, the role of the mother in Barefoot in the Park, Marilyn Monroe, and many more. Now, in Anita Luna THE DIVA, I play my alter-ego and this is interesting and weird at the same time. To explain, acting requires you to bare your soul, but in this case, I feel even more naked because I’m sharing with the audience the other side of me that colors outside the lines. You see the real CRAZY me!

Andreea Boyer: What is your advice for new talents and other actors?

Anita Giovannini: To have fun and to be focused on the most important thing; passion for what you have chosen. Work hard with determination. Have willingness to always learn. Be open-hearted. Never lose the enjoyment in what you do. Try to always have an ironic point of view especially in dark, low moments. In these moments, you will feel how much your heart means to you, and you will discover your strength and determination to carry on and your courage to overcome difficulties.

Anita GiovanniniAndreea Boyer: What would be your favorite movie roles?

Anita Giovannini: I love thrillers, I would like to play a detective with some dangerous scenes, doing as many of my own stunts as possible.

Andreea Boyer: Which genre of films is your favorite?

Anita Giovannini: I really adore comedy too so I would love to play a woman who doesn’t fit in, but accepts who she is. A woman who is not scared of being ridiculous doing what she wants. We need more brave female roles who aren’t afraid of not being perfect, breaking the same boring stereotypes roles which society tries to put us in. We need more female roles who are real examples in the real world. As Freddie Mercury sang “I Want to Break Free,” I want to play characters who do exactly that.

Thank you, Anita. We wish you continued success.

Anita Giovannini

Anita Giovannini

Anita Giovannini

Anita Giovannini

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