Interview with Writer Paul D. Brazill

Interview with Writer Paul D. Brazill

Interview by Andreea Boyer // Edited by Chris Charles of Idol Features

Paul D. Brazill

Writer Paul D. Brazill is a native of England who now calls Bydgoszcz, Poland home. He’s authored an impressive list of crime fiction novels (he thinks of as “black comedies and knockabout fun”) that include A Case of Noir, Last Year’s Man, Guns of Brixton and Kill Me Quick. His works have been included in The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime, volumes 8, 10, and 11 and they have been translated into several languages. He is also the editor of the online entertainment publication, Punk Noir Magazine.

Andreea Boyer: Dear Mr. Brazill, can you please tell us about your motivation as to why you started writing?

Paul D. Brazill: I started writing in 2008 after I discovered online flash fiction sites such as Powder Burn Flash, A Twist Of Noir, and Six Sentences. I like what I saw and thought I’d give it a try! I think flash fiction is a great way for many people to dip their toes into writing. Although the aforementioned sites are now defunct, there are other places such as Spelk Fiction, Shotgun Honey, The Flash Fiction Offensive, and Punk Noir Magazine.

Paul D. BrazillAndreea Boyer: Where are you from and what can you tell us about yourself?

Paul D. Brazill: I’m from Hartlepool, in the north east of England and live in Bydgoszcz, Poland. I lived in London for 10 years and moved to Poland in 2001. I teach English and live with my partner Daria, son Dorian, his grandmother Ula, two dogs and a cat!

Andreea Boyer: Did you study writing?

Paul D. Brazill: After a fashion. In the ‘90s, I did a screenwriting course in London, which was useful, but nothing came from it. I sent a screenplay to a film company, but nothing came of it.

Andreea Boyer: What can you tell us about your books?

Paul D. Brazill: They’re usually categorized as crime fiction but I like to think of them as black comedies, knockabout fun. Nothing heavy, for sure. Publisher’s Weekly described one of them as “breezy,” which I liked!

Andreea Boyer: What are the titles of your books and where did you publish them?

Paul D. Brazill:

Last Year’s Man (All Due Respect / Down and Out Books)
Kill Me Quick (Fahrenheit 13)
Big City Blues (Near To The Knuckle)
A Case of Noir (Near To The Knuckle)
Too Many Crooks (Near To The Knuckle)
The Last Laugh (All Due Respect)
Cold London Blues (Caffeine Nights Publishing)
Guns of Brixton ( Caffeine Nights Publishing.)
13 Shots of Noir (Untreed Reads)
Od Lune pijan / Drunk On the Moon  (Artizan)
Supernatural Noir (Near To The Knuckle)
Small Time Crimes (Near To The Knuckle)

I’ve also got stories in quite a few anthologies and my stuff has been translated into a few languages, too.

Andreea Boyer: What can you tell us about your best experiences and what moments in your career as a writer have been the most influential and significant ones for you?

Paul D. Brazill: For sure meeting people online who liked similar stuff to me. Writers, publishers, bloggers, and more. And getting stories published in three editions of Maxim Jakubowski’s Best Book Of British Crime alongside Ian Rankin, Lee Child, and the like. And just being published.

Supernatural NoirAndreea Boyer: In which countries did you write your books and and what has your experience been in those countries? Please tell us about your journey.

Paul D. Brazill: I didn’t start writing until I moved to Poland. I’ve lived here since 2001 and have lived in a few cities, including Warsaw.

Andreea Boyer: Where did you set your stories and when?

Paul D. Brazill: My stories are set in a few places. Guns Of Brixton is a pure London book. A Case of Noir takes place in England, France, Spain, and Poland. A few of them are set in the fictional town of Seatown, which is like a twisted version of my home town.

Andreea Boyer: In which countries are you planning next your writing and your publishing?

Paul D. Brazill: Well, I’ll be staying in Poland for as long as I can, unless they kick me out after Brexit! My publishers are British and American, though it would be nice to have a Polish publisher.

Andreea Boyer: What advice can you give all other writers and what is your message for everyone?

Paul D. Brazill: Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think. You can find out more about me at my websites.

Thank you, Mr. Brazill. We wish you continued success.

See more of Paul D. Brazill and his works at his WordPress site, his Amazon author’s page, and Goodreads. He’s also the editor of Punk Noir Magazine.