Interview with Psychologist Dr. Prabhjeet Singh

Interview with Psychologist Dr. Prabhjeet Singh

Interview by Andreea Boyer // Edited by Chris Charles of Idol Features

Dr. Prabhjeet Singh

Renowned psychologist Dr. Prabhjeet Singh is currently the director of the Peacful Mind Foundation, where he specializes in psychometric testing, psychotherapy, and counseling. He is also an accredited member of such prestigious organizations as the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine and the British Council for Complementary Therapies.

Andreea Boyer: Dr Singh, can you please tell us about what motivated you to become a doctor?

Dr. Singh: Well, I was always keen on doing something for the people and human science always fascinated me. I always wanted to help the people suffering from diseases and disorders with application of my skills and knowledge. Thus, I opted for this career so that I can do what I dreamt of as a child.

Dr. Prabhjeet SinghAndreea Boyer: What can you tell us about yourself?

Dr. Singh: As you already know, my Name is Dr. Prabhjeet Singh. I am a graduate in life science from Delhi University. Then I did my post graduation in clinical research from Cranfield University, along with a PG diploma in management. For some time, I did a job in clinical research and also enrolled into my second post graduate degree in psychology. Then I did my PhD in psychology and during the course, I also received a diploma in psychotherapy and counseling. I have also been awarded with an honorary doctorate from International Royal Academy of United Nations

Though my base is in Delhi, I have been doing workshops in and around India ranging from general topics to create awareness of psychology to specific trainings for psychology students.

Andreea Boyer: What can you tell us about your experience as an Doctor in India and what is your personal point of view about being a doctor?

Dr. Singh: India is a country with a huge population and diverse culture. People are surrounded by friends and family, yet the maximum number of cases of suicide and depression are recorded in India. So, I’ve always felt that there is a dire need for good mental health of individuals, especially in India. As a psychologist here, I feel people still don’t give much importance to mental health and visiting a psychologist is still frowned upon by many. Though, the perception is changing in urban metro cities, but still there is a huge scope of work.

Dr. Prabhjeet Singh
With Dr. Nabhit Kapur

Andreea Boyer: What can you tell us about your work and how would you describe your life as a doctor?

Dr. Singh: I started working as a psychologist four years back with Dr. Nabhit Kapur, the founder of Peacful Mind Foundation and since then I’ve learned a lot. I’ve had the privilege of working with different sections of the society; students, teachers, working professionals, law enforcement personnel, pilots, corporate houses, to name a few. Apart from this, I’ve been practicing as a psychologist dealing with patients on a day to day basis. I’ve come across patients of various ages and different mental health problems and I have given them best possible therapy.

Andreea Boyer: What can you tell us about your best experiences and which moments in your career have been the most influential and significant ones for you?

Dr. Singh: The best experience or moment if you ask, then I would say it was when a very tough case of young college boy got treated completely and he is now pursuing his further studies. Though every case is influential in itself, since you get to learn a lot yourself from each case that has its own complexity and challenges, not all cases come straight away from the book. You have to carefully analyze and try to figure out the actual problem along with the specific reasons that might have lead to it and then finally you have to plan the treatment regime.

Andreea Boyer: Where have you worked as doctor in India and what can you tell us about that?

Dr. Singh: I have been practicing at two centers in Delhi only. One situated in Sukhdev Vihar named Peacful Mind and the other one situated in Malviya Nagar named Psy Signs. Besides the clinic practice, we have been doing a lot of workshops in Delhi and in other states as well, on general and subject specific topics as I have mentioned earlier.

Dr. Prabhjeet Singh

Andreea Boyer: Where are you currently working as a doctor?

Dr. Singh: If you mean clinic practice, then at Peacful Mind in Sukhdev Vihar and at Psy Signs in Malviya Nagar

Andreea Boyer: How would you describe the difference between the medical system in India and in other countries?

Dr. Singh: More than medical system, I would like to emphasize on the system related to my field, i.e. psychology in India and in other countries. I have noted that the awareness about mental health in other countries is much higher as compared to India. Moreover, there are countries where a mental health checkup is a part of a hospital discharge procedure and also a part of a yearly health checkup, which not the case in India. Besides, almost all other countries have a registration and licensing for the psychologist, which is a very good way to keep a check on the trained professionals and this is a major thing that is lacking in India. We have a lot to learn since, due to absence of a licensing authority, people are calling themselves therapists and psychologists just after getting a diploma or even a certificate course without understanding the fact that as psychologist, we are dealing with humans and human minds.

Dr. Prabhjeet Singh

Andreea Boyer: How would you see a potential evolution in the medical system in India and what is needed in India to be a top global standard in the medical system?

Dr. Singh: Again here, I would like to stress upon the field of psychology only. And as I have just said, there is a great need of creating the awareness of mental health and a lot has to be done to make it a household term. Moreover, there has to be a registration authority to keep a check on authenticity of the practicing psychologists. Also, getting a mental health checkup when a patient is admitted and also when he is discharged should be made mandatory.

Dr. Prabhjeet Singh

Andreea Boyer: What can you tell us about your position as director for the Peacful Mind Foundation?

Dr. Singh: As the Director at Peacful Mind, we have been doing are best for the last four years to create awareness about mental health in India, so that at least people realize its importance first and they do not hesitate to come up the help when they actually need it. For this, we have been doing workshops in schools, corporations, societies, and wherever possible to achieve our mission of making psychology a household term.

Dr. Prabhjeet Singh

Andreea Boyer: What advise can you give everyone, including young doctors?

Dr. Singh: The advice that I would like to give to the young doctors is, just be ethical to the field and to yourself as well. As a doctor, it is our duty to treat the clients and not just think about making money as some are already doing. Moreover, I would be very happy to see them promoting the awareness about the importance of mental health in general, rather than just taking care of the patients and just doing their duty.

Mental health has always been a very important part of our lives and especially in today’s tech savvy and stressed life it has become even more important. Unless we make everyone aware of its importance, we cannot help them.

Thank you, Dr. Singh. We wish you continued success.

Dr. Prabhjeet Singh

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