FREE Mental Health Advice by Prof. Nabhit Kapur for all Filmmakers & Actors

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Nabhit Kapur, F.R.A.S

A global advocate and relentless crusader of promoting mental health, Nabhit Kapur, from India, envisage a world free of mental health stigmas and taboos. Through his exemplary work, indefatigable spirit and passionate endeavors, he has been able to bring impactful transformative changes in several parts of the world including the African continent and the Middle East. A Psycho-Prenaur, author, TEDx speaker and globally decorated ambassador of mental health and peace with numerous recognitions globally. Kapur is perhaps the youngest psychologist in the contemporary world, and only one from India, leading this remarkable movement to make mental health a household name

As announced one of the world’s most influential psychologist by the FAAVM- Canada (a counterpart of Canadian government), Kapur is the founder President of PeacfulMind Foundation (PMF). Based in New Delhi, PeacfulMind Foundation (PMF) is a global organization registered with the United Nations (U.N.) Global Compact. The foundation is present in many countries across the world.

Though not many people are listening and understanding the true meaning of mental wellbeing, the young crusader of mental health (as said by daily hunt news 25 April 2020) started many initiatives under the broad umbrella of PMF like an open mic, global youth mental health forum, world leaders for mental health etc. Amongst many his recent video highlighting the idea of “Mental health can become a global pandemic” in near future has gained a lot of viewership on social media and is being published as an article by various media platforms

For his exceptional work, he has been featured by various online news panels and print magazines like Cooperate Investment times, Exelon magazine, Forbes, Statesman, Daily Hunt, Top 100 Magazine, The Week etc, las republicas etc. Through his exemplary leadership this charismatic socio-entrepreneur is the harbinger of a new era, when mental health would be given its due importance sans the social stigma. However, for that, more concerted efforts at the global as well as the grassroots level are required

He still feels, that mental health is largely an ignored issue among a large section of the global population, including youth and people have a negative perception about mental health and don’t see it as an important issue as most of the times they don’t even know that it exists. Through his passionate social interventions and groundwork, Prof. Kapur wants to exhort everyone to join this movement aimed towards making mental health a necessary aspect of everyone’s life.  

What is PMF?

Peacful Mind Foundation (PMF) is a global organization registered with the United Nations (U.N.) Global Compact Based in New Delhi, India. The foundation is present globally, embarking its vision i.e., “To make psychology a household term, peace, and well-being and Culture.